Working Artist Decorating Sheryl Leamer


Hi. My name is Sheryl Leamer, and I have been decorative painting since the mid 1980's. That includes murals, decorative designs, signage, custom panels, furniture...anything that will hold still for a minute.
I paint entirely with brushes and rollers, no spray equipment. I also do color consultation and am happy to give my opinion about many design issues. I do know my limits, however, and will not take on a project at which I don't feel I will succeed.

I'm not a fan of artists' statements, so I'm going to keep this as unpretentious as possible. There are a couple of things that I love about my work, the main one is the incredible transformative power of paint. A naked or downright ugly surface can become a little window of pleasure, with the skilled application of the magical liquid. Cwazy. 
The other main thing I love about my work is the process of teasing out what a client really wants, and working to give my best version of that. Never a dull moment, because everyone is so different. 

I can be contacted by email, phone, text (my favorite) or snail mail.
916 616 7512   
1844 2nd Ave, Sacramento, CA  95818