Working Artist Decorating Sheryl Leamer
Maureen's Forest

This is the far left side.


A different view of the far left side. Different features of the mural reveal themselves as you walk around the yard.


Do you find the deer? The rough block made detail almost impossible. Luckily, one views the whole mural from enough of a remove that details are not important.


I'm not sure what the large canister is. The owners collect fanciful objects that show up here and there.


A forest track as you continue toward the right side.


And the far right corner. A misty dell finishes off the composition.


A view from the patio, including the lovely natural pool and an old wringer washer that is now a planter.


Another view from the patio.


The owners mounted lights on the backs of the tree trunks. Spectacular effect!


Another dusk view, artfully lit.

Another sound wall, with a busy boulevard behind it, about 90' long and 8' tall. The redwood trees in front of the wall were relatively simple to replicate, and the overhanging branches made the segue of the top edge a no-brainer. In between we are transported to a sun dappled forest scene.